OKADS works to publish different types of social media and Google advertisements, we have different types of services, the main ones being Website Designing Applications Designing Shortcuts Videos Apps Social Media Marketing Surveys Offline Marketing Bulk SMS Marketing etc. We try all the services. We have tried our best to provide online marketing facility for every type of organization.

Before providing any kind of service, we start the work by taking 50% of the service amount first, then after the completion of the work, we take the remaining 50% amount.

If any type of service is taken by the customer, then we also do customer support related to that service and if any customer wants to take any service and he wants to contact us, then do it on this number (6268577703) .

And after taking any service, it will remain non-refundable, we deliver website designing or any service to you as per your request, we provide all types of service individually and we have OK its only trademark license ( 5570475) number Thanks.