We are an individual operating okads we only have trademark of okads apps whose application number is 5570475 okads we provide all kind of facility related to online marketing if you need any kind of our services and any kind If you do not like the facility, then do not use our website and our special service and if you have to complain related to any service, then you can contact us on the customer care number and if any kind of legal action is to be taken. You can do it only in Deoria district, you cannot complain in any other Kotwali or if you have made a complaint from any other state or state, then its hearing will be limited to Delhi High Court and there will be all hearing if If you are aware of all the above things then you can use our service and website.

We provide any website or application or any kind of conspiracy, then it is done on third party hoster and google server or any other server and if any such type of server related problem comes then it is in our right. Therefore, you will also have to complain to the hosting provider or third party developer to solve all such features or problems.

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